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Insurmountable Obstacles Leading to Imminent Disaster, but It All Turns Out Well
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Date:2009-07-20 07:14
Subject:The New (New) (New) Doctor
Mood: pleased

Well, I think it's about time to revive this journal, seeing as the last entry was over a year ago...

...and what better to start things off than with the latest big news from the show that in that time has joined Lost and Battlestar Galactica to form a 3-way tie for my favourite: Doctor Who.

The (11th) Doctor Is InCollapse )

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Date:2008-05-30 00:29
Mood: enthralled

OMG, I don’t even know where to start. SOOOOO much happened.

In brief:

1. I hate Jack SO much right now.
2. I love Des & Penny SOOOOOOOO much right now. ♥
3. I love Ben so much. I also hate him. Often both at the same time. ("SO?")
4. Sayid is awsome. Kate is lame. Sun is badass. AND SAWYER IS A FRAKKING HERO.
5. All the other crazyness has my brain leaking out my ears.

Why are you calling him Jeremy Bentham? His real name is...Collapse )

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Date:2008-04-23 23:21
Subject:"The Ties that Bind" Recap: Disconnected

Everyone's feeling alienated, & trust is in short supply this episode when unpleasant truths come to light.

Apparently.Collapse )

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Date:2008-04-16 23:21
Subject:Make Your Own Kind of Music: "Six of One" Recap

Baltar's own Head Baltar! Lee & Kara being adorable! Adama believing in Starbuck & sending her off to find Earth! And...pretty much all the characters being cruel to each other. Yep, it was another great episode.

You slay me, you really do, Gaius.Collapse )

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Date:2008-04-13 18:41
Subject:Identity, Crisis: "He that Believeth in Me" Recap

OMG, I'm so glad it's finally back! This is my first time watching it live, so all the commercials were so annoying, & the 'To Be Continued' is killing me! (Although, it's pretty obvious that she isn't going to shoot her...)

I did it, boss -- I found Earth.Collapse )

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Date:2008-02-07 20:07
Subject:"The Beginning of the End" Illustrated Recap

To celebrate the return of Lost, a picspam recap of epic proportions!

Previously, on Lost...Collapse )

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Date:2008-01-31 20:32
Subject:L-DAY IS HERE!!!!!!!!
Mood: excited

I think this cap says it all:

After 8 1/2 long months of waiting, Lost will finally grace the airwaves again in a mere 28 minutes! I am going to get one of the fishbiscuits I made earlier today, and plant myself in front of the tv. I've heard nothing but great things about this season, so anticipation is sky-high.


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Date:2008-01-27 20:20
Subject:Four Days Left!

Season 4 starts in 4 days!Collapse )

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Date:2008-01-23 19:02

Just over a week!
Dharma logos have 8 sides.Collapse )

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Date:2008-01-16 21:56
Subject:After 16 Comes 15

Only 15 days 'til new Lost!

4, 8--we're dead, 15--doomed and dead...Collapse )

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Date:2008-01-15 18:42
Subject:16 Days

The Lost Numbers Countdown continues!

It's been playing over...and over...for 16 yearsCollapse )

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Date:2008-01-08 22:35
Subject:4 8 15 16 23
Mood: bored

So, in the Lost countdown I've had going in my head for quite some time now (exactly how long, I'm a bit embarased to say, but it's long enough that I've had to adjust it several times to allow for new premiere dates) has hit 23 days. And 23, as any Lost fan worth her salt knows, 23 is one of The Numbers. In celebration of this milestone, and in conjunction with me being rather bored due to a) being currently unemployed; and b) there being NOTHING on tv -- seriously, nothing -- I thought it might be fun to look at all the signifigant uses of the number 23 in Lost -- with pictures!

The last new episode was aired on 23 May...Collapse )

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Date:2007-11-24 16:23
Subject:Remembrance of Things Past
Mood: nostalgic

Today I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time – years, maybe: I revisited the coffee shop by my old high school. Yes, shocking I know. But the truth is, much of my high school years (especially the latter ones) were spent in there: early-morning French classes, P.E. classes, Drama classes…not to mention half my lunch hours in Grade 11, and quite a few in Grade 12 as well. And I haven’t been back there since June 2001, when I graduated, so returning there was a bit like going back to my past.

But first, some backstoryCollapse )

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Date:2007-07-21 11:54
Subject:Harry Potter Day
Mood: excited

So it might just be me, but today totally feels like a holiday. All week I've been looking forward to today, and now something just seems...special about it, somehow. Maybe it's the thought that right now, all over the world, thousands (or even millions? Hundreds of thousands at any rate) are all sitting reading the same book. It's quite a beautiful thought, really, to be a part of something so huge and uniting. Just now, when I was coming back from getting my copy, this little girl comes tearing past me up the street, clutching her own copy. She obviously couldn't wait to get home and find out what happens -- and neither could I.

Anyway, so I'm about 12 hours behind, but I just this minute got back from the bookshop with Deathly Hallows. I've also got a venti (which is so stupidly huge that I was embarassed to order it) London fog tea, and a pumpkin scone (not quite the same as a pumpkin pasty, but it will have to do). I am all set for a marathon reading session.

It's funny, years ago when I first read Harry Potter, I thought ahead to when Book 7 might be published (& so far away did it seem) and thought that by then I might be living in London. I would be all grown up by then, I thought, and I pictured myself sitting on the Tube on my way to my exciting and glamourous job reading the final book. Well, I suppose I was very nearly living in London at this point, but nearly isn't the same as actually, and actually here I am exactly where I was those 7(?) years ago: still living in my parent's house, with the rest of the family away on holiday. I had planned to sit out in the garden to read, like I did with all the rest of the books, but the weather isn't cooperating. It's pouring rain out, which does seem strangely fitting somehow. The perfect day to curl up inside with a good book, at any rate.

And very suitable that it's raining for The End. Like how it's always raining for funerals in movies. I am completely unspoiled, btw, and for the record, I don't think Harry's going to die. (Though I wouldn't be surprised if he did.) Some things I do think will happen: Dumbledore will come back in some way, shape, or form to help Harry. Snape will ultimately be good, and will die in the end. Neville and Ginny will have very important roles to play. And Neville or Ron will die. Which is very sad to me, as they're two of my favourite characters.

But enough of all this: time to crack open that book and find out what happens at last!

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Date:2007-07-13 20:05
Subject:Order of the Phoenix (& Books vs Movies vs TV)

Went to see Order of the Phoenix last night -- almost went to a midnight show on Tues. night, but no-one else was very bothered, and I was really tired, so the thought of staying up til 3am, then having my alarm go off at 6:30 the next morning was not that appealing. Still, I really must to the midnight show of at least one of the final two movies. (If only Australia would have a midnight show when it finally opens! Seems highly unlikely though)

In which I fangirl (AND go on long digressions on the strengths & weakness of various media?)Collapse )

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Date:2007-06-29 19:00
Subject:Lost without Lost

...so it's already been five weeks since the Lost finale. Only just over seven months left to go! I was going to use this time to, you know, get a life -- but then who would watch my TV? -- so instead I just seem to be finding more shows to watch.

Ramblings of a TV AddictCollapse )

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Date:2007-05-23 23:58
Subject:'Through the Looking Glass' Instant Reaction
Mood: awake

Carlton: Assuming that they can get that radio to work, our guys can call that freighter, and they can get rescued.
Damon: But that's never going to happen... *Cunning sideways glance at Carlton*
Carlton: Well, so you say!
Damon: If they get off the island, the show's over.

Curiouser and curiouserCollapse )

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Date:2007-05-10 00:32
Subject:OMFG - "The Man Behind the Curtain"
Mood: enthralled

'Help Me.'

Liar, liar, pants on fire, BENRYCollapse )

SUCH a good episode, so much to think about. I think it was the perfect ratio of questions to answers. How can the episodes just keep getting better and better like this? Although, this week's was great in a very different way to last week's grown-up drama that was almost like a stand-alone play. (If I was in charge of picking an Emmy episode to submit, "The Brig" would be it.) This week was more Lost at its WTF, crazy-Island, vaguely-supernatural, mythological best. Both: A++

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Date:2007-05-05 18:02
Subject:Lost: "The Brig"

Just finished watching "The Brig" for the second time...

First of all, WOW. Lost is really on an awesome streak at the moment; each episode is even better than the last. And this one...it was just so dense with references and symbolism, while still being all about the characters of Locke and Sawyer, and furthering the plot, all at the same time. I know a lot of people make fun of Damon and Carlton, but I really don't think there can be any disputing their talent as writers. I've always thought that one of the best-written and most well-constructed epidsodes of Lost is 'Deus Ex Machina', the first one they wrote together, but 'The Brig' has to rank right up there. (Interestingly, they've written the majority of the Locke episodes, but the upcoming finale will be their first Jack episode, except for the Season 2 & 3 premieres, which Damon wrote seemingly as a matter of course.) And backing up that brilliant writing was some absolutely wonderful acting -- Josh Holloway has really just shone this season, I hope he's up for the Emmy come September; Terry O'Quinn & Michael Emerson are reliably fantastic as ever -- and some good directing as well.

That final scene with Sawyer and Cooper...there are no words. I was so emotionally involved, I didn't know whether I wanted Sawyer to kill him because he's so obviously the biggest bastard ever in the history of the world, or to forgive him instead. But in the end I was glad he killed him, because I don't want Sawyer to come to terms with his past, which of course = death on Craphole Island. But the obvious emotional toll it took on Sawyer was heartbreaking. The confrontation came at the worst possible time for him: he was finally starting to allow himself to relax and be a nice guy, to let himself be vulnerable, instead of being a dickhead all the time to protect himself. And, just when he's let his defences down, his past blindsides him. So I'm guess no more Mister Nice Gaius Sawyer for a while. Which I'm fine with. I'm totally fine with pretty much anything as long as they don't kill him off. Plus, it would be awesome if he told Kate to just smarten up and get the hell over Jack.

Speaking of Kate...STFU, Kate. It's like anytime she's within a hundred meters of Jack she becomes this annoying, submissive, desperate, needy, suckup. Sigh. She's so much better when she's far away from Jack and goes back to being all kick-ass and awesome. If only Jack is one of the ones to die in the finale. But I'm sure it will instead be someone totally awesome, like Sayid.

And speaking of Jack... I finally realised what's been different about him since he got back from Otherville: he's been Otherised. Gone are his crazy eyes, his Jackfaces, his shouting fits over nothing every episode, his over-reactions to everything, his charging off on thoughtless missions doomed to failure. Instead, he has the eriely calm demeanor all the Others have, with a friendly though unemotional response when people talk to him. Ooooh, I do hope he's been brainwashed or converted or SOMETHING interesting, because if he's still just regular old Jack, biding his time until he can put another stupid-ass plan into action? So, so lame, like: ha-ha! You, viewers, fell for Jack's Other act just like the simple, unsuspecting Losties did. They distrusted him, and they paid the price. It's just as well Super!Jack is a forgiving man, and has come to the rescue of all and sundry. Blargh. BUT, how happy am I that all the Losties (well, except, apparently, Kate) no longer trust him, and have finally seen the light and put their faith in Sayid. YES. Desmond is not only hot, he's also smart.

As for Locke...interesting how, after being conned all his life, he manages to manipulate Sawyer into doing what he can't. He's obviously been watching Ben closely and taking notes. Because, so much manipulation still going on there. The whole thing with the tape player was clearly staged by Ben: he wanted Locke to have it, but why? I wonder if he might want the Losties to come to them, and by learning of an imminent attack they will make a pre-emptive strike. I just adore how overly-dramatic all his plans are: Cooper tied to a massive pillar? I was expecting Kong to appear out of the jungle and scoop him up. And there was a noticable lack of guns: Ben has taken Locke's words to heart -- though Sawyer's was conveniently out of bullets, forcing a much more dramatic and symbolic kill. And Locke struggling through the jungle at the end, under the weight of his father's body: I got a distinct 'Jesus bearing the cross' vibe from that shot.

So, Cooper thinks they're in Hell? (Although, a pirate ship in the middle of the jungle sounds more like Disneyland than Hell to me :P) Makes sense: 'We know ALL your sins...'(And doesn't this sound just like Benry? 'Ah, my ridiculously circuitous plan is one-quarter complete...') Although, seriously, while I'm (pretty) sure it's not Hell, this is the second recent conspicuous statement that the Island is not what they think. Not to mention the 4,815,162,342 various other hints. I really have no idea where they're going with this, but I'm def enjoying the ride.

CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK, OMFG!!! BENRY FLASHBACK!!! WHO IS JACOB??? (I think it's really Benry, he just made Jacob up to keep his minions in line) And I can't wait for Juliet to be revealed as the mole she is...

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Date:2007-04-26 22:13
Subject:My Week at Work in TV-Land

On Thursday I was going through the faxed changes to the New Jersey Executive Branch, and there's this person in the Department of Education who we had listed as 'Assistant to the Commissioner', but in the copy they sent back, they crossed out the 'to the'. LMAO! Unfortunately, the other girl in my office who watches The Office isn't in today, so no-one else thought it was really that funny when I explained why I was laughing.

Then I got to the fax from the D.O.C. -- no, not 'Date Of Conception', but 'Department of Corrections'.

And -- when I went to the cafe next door for lunch, the first thing I hear when I walk in the door is a Scottish accent saying 'Celtic has the ball...'. Lord knows why that was on the tv here, but it certainly made me do a double take. Unfortuately, there were no hot Scottish guys who are so preoccupied with their visions of the future that they forget to button their shirts anywhere to be found. :(

To cap it all off, when I was just watching The Office, I sudddenly gained much sympathy for Angela. Why? When she was sentenced to training with Kelly, and then we cut to the talking heads --

Kelly: This day is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. This day is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
*Angela gulps a handful of asprin*
Angela: No, I don't have a headache. I'm just preparing.

I had spent all day sitting next to our office's very own Kelly. I wish I was joking or exaggerating, but alas I'm not. Apart from a slight heightening of her personality for tv-comedy purposes, she's the same. Singing annoying songs to herself? Check. Talking nonsense in bad English accents? Check. Baby talk? Check. Not shutting up about her desperate quest for a husband? Check. She's not a bad person, so I don't want to hate her, but the days I have to sit next to her are very long days indeed. To keep from going insane, I've taken to making Jim faces at an invisible camera when no-one's looking. ...Wait, did I say 'keep from going insane?' because I think it might be too late.

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